Frequently Asked Questions

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How’s this different from buying crypto on WeBull, Tradestation, Robinhood, or PayPal?

Crypto / Fiat

Crypto and Fiat assets are converging, but we still have a ways to go. The most popular stock trading apps like Robinhood and PayPal, now give you price exposure to the top traded cryptocurrency tokens. You can buy Bitcoin with USD, and you can sell Bitcoin for USD; but you can’t do much more than that. You don’t ever custody that Bitcoin, and you don’t have the right to sell it to anybody, even though you paid full-price for your crypto. When Ethereum drops, you can’t trade your Bitcoin for Ethereum, because you don’t actually own it. The bank does, and they just made a note on your account saying you purchased some Bitcoin, so show that amount when you login to your account. Price exposure isn’t all bad. Sometimes it’s preferred to not have to handle your private key.