How do I buy Binance Smart Chain?

I joined because I want to get BSC but it’s not listed on Coinbase.

somebody said that i can get it here, but it’s grayed out when i try to buy

how can i get this?

You can’t get BSC because it’s not a token. it’s a chain. you can trade on BSC on a DEX like PancakeSwap. I don’t know if we should be calling it a DEX because it’s centralized.

First, you can buy some BUSD on WI, then send it to your external wallet, then use it to swap. Here are some screens:

buy some BUSD

select connect your wallet from dropdown

choose your wallet provider

At this point you… wait. sorry, this functionality hasn’t been implemented yet. Once you have BUSD you can sell it, and choose to have it sent to your BSC wallet address.

Community Governance

Anybody within the community can submit proposals using tokens, and all members of the community will be able to vote with their tokens.

register token on Aragon voice

submit gasless proposal