Our Vision at WeInvest

We built a platform to trade crypto and stocks, and earn high yield crypto savings.

We are giving it away for free.

It’s a web app, Android in early release, and iOS coming soon.

We, at WeInvest, predict we will soon be paid to trade. here’s an explanation behind our thesis.

in 1999, around 20% of households owned stocks. that was 15% in 1995. this number inflated due to cheap trading and UIs from the likes of E-Trade and others.

prior to 1975, commission for stock trading was expensive. full-service firms competed for your business. by the mid 90s discount brokers, following deregulation, were offering trades for $40-60. this was half of what it cost before deregulation.

in the late 90s, E-Trade took off with the discount brokerage model, and charged roughly $20 per trade. by 2001, they brought their commission down to $13. At that time 2/3 of their revenue came from trading commissions, and the rest, came from interest on cash balances. Comissions continued to fall. By 2017 the average fee per trade was less than $10. A couple years later, trading was free. Couple more years later, Robinhood would ipo for over 30b. etrade on the other hand, was acquired by Morgan Stanley for 13b. Etoro went public with a 10b spac merger.

With the broker/dealers worth tens of billions, and daily revenue amounting to many millions; the free markets, the sharing economy, and the creator economy, will drive these prices down below zero. You will be paid to trade. The future is a decentralized organization, owned by the community. A DAO that allows token holders to vote on governance.

this is the vision for WeInvest. We have built a functional protocol and APIs. We have established go-to-market partnerships to begin facillitating trading cryptocurrencies for low fees, less than what you pay at Coinbase. Trade stocks commission free.