Why should I use WeInvest to trade when I have Coinbase?

I’m trying to decide why to bother joining another platform to trade, when I already have an account at Coinbase. Is it worth the trouble?

There are a number of features you get with WI that aren’t on other platforms.

  1. access to crypto
  2. you own the platform
  3. trade crypto for stocks
  4. better trading charts

Access to Crypto

Here you can get access to coins like AVAX and BUSD. you can use BUSD to convert to BSC. these are a couple options, but there may be more.

You Own the Platform

WI is community owned and community governed. We have implemented on-chain governance with our optimisitc votiing protocol powered by Aragon. We use SourcCred to automatically issue creidts for users contributing to this forum, our discord chat, and our github repos. You earn tokens for contributing to the community and you have a say in how the DAO uses the funds in our treasury. It’s your platform.

Trade Crypto for Stocks

A recent feature let’s you trade cryptocurrency you own with fractionalized shares of stocks. This requires you have an account at WI and that you have registered to trade crypto and stocks. You also need to have sufficient balances in your account.

Better Trading Charts

WI has implemented TradingView Charts, which are considered best-in-class for serious traders and for new investors.

Sometimes you don’t want to deal with a conglomerate.

"According to CNBC, many customers remain as angry with Coinbase as they are with the attack, based on the level of support they have received. Coinbase’s customer service communications have been primarily via email. In response, many customers are reported to have said they struggle to reach company representatives.

WeInvest let’s you buy AVAX. Coinbase doesn’t offer this, at this point in time. Avalanche has outperformed Ethereum recently.

I used WeInvest to buy Avalanche right before it came out on Coinbase, and the process was easy.

I sent ETH to my Metamask wallet, then sent from my wallet to my WeInvest ETH address. The funds showed up pretty quickly. Then I sold my ETH for USD and USDC. I paid about $20 in fees for 1 ETH. Then I swapped ETH for AVAX, and that happens right away.

What I like the most, is the fact that I can use TV charts to compare asset performance, then purchase assets right away. I prefer not to switch back and forth. I don’t get why the charting on Coinbase Pro is so basic. Makes me wonder how the team at WeInvest has built such a powerful solution.